Roe Done Right Launches Multi LuLaRoe Group

        , an online multi-consultant marketplace created to sell LuLaRoe brand clothing, recently announced the launch of a digital platform consisting of what will shortly be one of the nation’s greatest multi-consultant sales groups on Facebook as well as its companion website. The Roe Done Right (RDR) cooperative was established as a consultant volunteer organization with a volunteer Board of Directors, whose objective is to build a place where independent LuLaRoe retailers can easily network with customers who want to find the richest variety of LuLaRoe clothing.

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                  What is RoeDoneRight? One word…AMAZING!!

                  Posted by Roe Done Right on Sunday, June 18, 2017

                  A hallmark of LuLaRoe brand clothing is that its fabric prints are exclusive and are issued in limited offerings of less than 5000 pieces per print. Customers are often seeking that elusive “unicorn” or limited design that they love. Therefore, Roe Done Right seeks to solve this problem by combining the inventories of over 100 retailers to offer customers the highest density of LuLaRoe merchandise possible.

                  The Board is comprised of retailers across the country who have built connections through the 4-year-old company: Krystal Santiago, Maggie Jo Parsons, Lisa “Whit” Toomer, Leslie Baron, Brandi Yates, duo Barbara & Jonathan Adkins, Brooke Hamrick, and duo Kristen and Stanley Garland.

                  Directors stated that “Roe Done Right has a unique Live-On-Load model that allows our retailers to offer new items of inventory available each hour on the hour as well as Facebook live streams where retailers sell and interact with customers.” They emphasized that beyond selling LuLaRoe, the platform “creates friendships between the retailers and customers that go beyond sales. We are helping people feel beautiful about themselves by selling them high-quality and fashionable clothes. I have talked to numerous women who told me that these clothes make them feel beautiful and comfortable again after having children and facing many life challenges. Selling customers clothes makes them happy and feels almost like a ministry to women.”

                  They suggested that “Roe Done Right is different because we’re shaping our thought process around how customers want to shop. And, that is shopping more than one way. Live sales, album sales, fashion tutorials, outfit pairings, and more. We want the experience to be like walking into a high-end store, and having everything you want and need at your fingertips. And that’s exactly what we will do!”

                  Apparel sales take place 24 hours a day almost everyday either through live Facebook streams or photo album sales where customers simply comment “sold” to claim an item and then retailers email them invoices through LuLaRoe’s payment processing platform. They stress that “All of our retailers are required to comply with all LuLaRoe policies as well as our RDR policies and procedures. We are reaching out to customers through Facebook ads and Google ads, we are talking to people in our communities and our online boutiques, and we are using our website as a place to showcase the great things that we are doing as we sell inside the Roe Done Right Facebook group. All of the things that we are doing are to create a wonderful place where customers can have a great experience buying LuLaRoe.”

         expects exponential growth based on current trends that should position the multi-consultant group as one of the internet’s largest and most prolific marketplaces for LuLaRoe apparel. The Roe Done Right Board of Directors and retailers encourage the public to visit their Facebook group and take advantage of the ample variety and fashionable choices available to shoppers.

                  About Roe Done Right
                  Roe Done Right is a multi-retailer Facebook marketplace consisting of a Facebook group and its companion website The mission of Roe Done Right to provide an outstanding shopping experience and impeccable customer service. Our talented and experienced team of independent fashion retailers will always be available to provide any needed assistance. Our goal is to use our beautiful, affordable LuLaRoe clothing lines to perpetuate self-confidence and strength in each of our shoppers. We strive to establish long-lasting friendships and make your shopping fun and easy.

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